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Yes, you will. Have to jump. . . . Through Federal Court hoops. You have cancer. And you believe you deserve money from the federal government because you got cancer from drinking water at Camp Lejeune. But you will still have to jump through hoops to get all the money you deserve. What hoops? The… Read more »

Food Wrapped in Forever Chemicals. An Easy Fix.

Is preventing cancer in your children and grandchildren worth 30 seconds? Here’s a minor adjustment in handling take-out food and microwave food that makes a difference right away- food wrap. Kevin Loria’s amazing Consumer Report article  shows  that a lot of food wrap coats our food in cancer-causing forever chemicals called PFAS.  It’ cheap and… Read more »

Who Takes the Fall? The Jury Decided This.

Like all other states, Maine requires doctors and nurses to meet standards of patient care. But what if the standard of care can’t be met because of staffing levels? For example, if a patient in the recovery room is supposed to be checked for level of consciousness, physical status, vital signs and bleeding at the operative… Read more »

Why The Nurse Gave The Medication That Killed

This deadly story starts out with a routine hospital test in Tennessee.  (But it could have been Maine, or anywhere else in the USA.)  It’s December 2017. Charlene Murphey is getting better after a Christmas eve stroke, and she is going to have an MRI before discharge home. The hospital doctor prescribes a routine sedative… Read more »

Maine Issue: Do You Have a Patient Advocate?

What Is a Patient Advocate-And Why Do I Need One in Maine? A serious car accident, or being diagnosed with cancer, is like your whole life is under assault. Or maybe your baby was just born- severely premature. Or maybe your parent is needs to go into a nursing home- right now. All of a… Read more »

What’s In Your Medical Records Could Kill You.

As a trial lawyer and as a registered nurse I’ve seen shocking inaccuracies in medical records-including my own. And here’s why that’s important. First, every medical decision your doctors make about your care is based on your medical history. Let’s say you’re in a crash, and you’re rushed to the ER.  You’re disoriented or unconscious…. Read more »

Keep It Civil

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Car Seats Kill Babies–Even Outside the Car!

I did it myself. Maybe you did, too. If you’re still doing it, here’s what you need to know: When you take the car seat off the base and put it on the floor inside the house so you don’t wake the baby, your baby can strangle. The reason is that the car seat base in… Read more »