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Your injury is very real. You need a real, experienced Maine personal injury lawyer. If you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, having the right lawyer on your side can make all the difference. At Briggs & Wholey, we handle personal injury cases and nothing else. We have over 25 years experience in all types of injury cases. As a well-established Maine law firm, our respected team of injury attorneys adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards. We not only have extensive trial experience but also are accomplished in investigation, negotiation, and mediation.

At Briggs & Wholey, we believe that an attorney should act as a client’s advocate through every step of the legal process. Whether your injuries are minor or severe, they are important to you and to us. We work closely with medical experts and accident specialists to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We take pride in our clients and the cases we handle. When we represent you, you can rest assured that we don’t get paid unless and until you receive compensation through a settlement or a jury verdict. We accommodate our clients by offering them flexible appointment schedules. If you are unable to come to our office, we will travel to you. Our clients are always our top priority.


At Briggs & Wholey, we push for money damages for clients who have been harmed by car, truck, and motorcycle crashes, slip and falls, wrongful death, medical malpractice, defective products, nursing home negligence, construction mishaps, plane crashes, public transportation accidents, and more.

Negligence is the failure to exercise the appropriate care in a particular set of circumstances when there is a legal obligation to do so. This consists of behaving as a reasonably prudent person would behave in a similar situation. To succeed in a negligence claim, we go to bat for our clients to prove that the defendant owed him or her a duty of care and breached this duty through an act or omission. We also prove that he or she suffered injuries and incurred actual damages as a result.

Once these elements have been shown, a victim may be eligible for compensation from any defendants held liable. If you’ve lost a loved one because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. Under Maine law, this type of claim arises when the death of a person is caused by an act or omission that would have enabled the deceased individual to bring a case if he or she had survived. A wrongful death lawsuit must be filed by the personal representative of the decedent. If the plaintiff prevails, the financial award is paid to the estate and later distributed to surviving family members or eligible beneficiaries identified by state law.

Each state has its own statute of limitations, which provides the time window within which a lawsuit must be filed. In Maine, a victim must file his or her personal injury claim within six years of an accident. A wrongful death claim must be filed no later than six years after the date of death.

Every accident is different, and so are the types of costs and losses that may arise. Some of the injuries that victims may endure include:

The Maine personal injury lawyers at our firm are skilled in helping clients pursue compensation for medical expenses, costs of future treatment, pain and suffering, property damage, lost income and benefits, and any other forms of harm that may have befallen them.

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By Don Briggs & Alison Wholey Briggs


Alison Wholey Briggs is a tenacious personal injury attorney with more than 25 years experience in personal injury law. She received her law degree from Yeshiva University, Cardozo School of Law. After a prestigious federal clerkship, Ms. Wholey Briggs entered private practice and has helped obtain many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of her clients. Having formerly worked as a registered nurse, she has a deep compassion for victims and a true understanding of the medical conditions that can result from an accident. Ms. Wholey Briggs’ trial experience and background is invaluable when it comes to proving the seriousness of injuries incurred through car accidents, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, and other personal injury cases. Her range of experience coupled with her record of determined representation for Maine clients has earned her a strong reputation in the legal community. She has handled thousands of cases and helped countless victims get the compensation they deserve after an accident. Ms. Wholey Briggs is proud of her enduring commitment to providing her clients with personalized and tireless representation every step of the way.


At Briggs & Wholey, we understand that you need answers. We also know that you need help to fight insurance companies. We take special care in getting to know each of our clients, proving their losses, and understanding their long-term needs and goals. Our team of skilled accident lawyers takes the burden off injured Maine residents, removes the stress of the legal process, and allows them to focus on healing. To help our clients resist the pressure of settling for inadequate amounts with their insurance companies, we help them secure the medical payment insurance benefits they deserve while a claim is pending. Our attorneys understand the merits of your case and discuss the range of legal options available to you. We proudly represent clients in cities across the state of Maine, and have clients everywhere, from Portland to Rockland, Bangor to Augusta. To learn more, contact us online or call us toll-free at 888-596-1099.

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Maine Personal Injury Lawyers Blog
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