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“Causation” in Maine Motorcycle Accident Cases

In Maine, a motorcycle accident or “negligence” case is made up of four elements: (1) a duty of care, (2) breach, (3) injury, and (4) a finding that the breach caused or partly caused the injury. Motorists in Maine owe a duty of care to others driving on the road, including motorcyclists. While duty is… Read more »

Paying More for Less: How DRGs Hurt Patients

It’s no secret: health insurance has made everything more complicated and more expensive. Most of the time, we just pay our deductibles and our co-pays and let the insurance take care of the rest. But behind the scenes, a whole host of tricks and tactics take place between health insurers and providers that most of… Read more »

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse: The Sad Reality

Many seniors are nervous about going to a nursing home, and understandably so. But it can be hard to tell the difference between nervousness about being in a new environment, unfounded fears related to age-related changes in mental status, and signs that something is actually wrong in the nursing home environment. In our line of… Read more »

Domestic Assault and Loss of Parenting Rights

The clock started ticking on losing their child when the Maine State Police arrived. Well, actually, it started before that. During the course of “a physical altercation between the mother and the father” in front of their one year old son, the mom hit the father and knocked out one of his teeth.  (In Re B.P.,… Read more »

Umbrella Insurance Policies in Maine and Underinsured At-Fault Drivers

In most states, including Maine, uninsured motorist coverage is mandatory. Uninsured motorist coverage is an exception to the basic idea in insurance and tort law that an injured person’s damages should be paid by or on behalf of the at-fault party. In Maine, the amount of uninsured motorist coverage that must be provided depends on… Read more »