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Do I need a lawyer to settle my case?
You may be visiting this site because you’re wondering if an attorney is even necessary to settle your case, or if it is worth your time to pursue a consultation. Attorneys are not always necessary, and here at Briggs & Wholey, our consultations are always free. We know that you’re unsure about how to proceed, and we are happy to give you an honest assessment of your claim, because we also know that “how” you choose to proceed with your case, matters.

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spacer The personal injury attorneys at Briggs & Wholey, LLC specialize in helping people who are injured.

Alison Wholey Briggs, Esq. - Briggs & Wholey LLC
Alison The personal injury attorneys at Briggs & Wholey, LLC specialize in helping people who are injured.

Meet Alison Wholey Briggs
Meet Alsion Learn how Nurse Attorney Wholey takes on insurance companies in the courtroom for you.

Alison Wholey Briggs Nursing Home Neglect
Nursing Home Attorney Wholey Briggs has seen nursing home negligence firsthand as a Registered Nurse, and can help you fight back in the courtroom.

Alison Wholey Briggs Medical Malpractice
Medmal Attorney Wholey Briggs is a Maine Registered Nurse who cuts through excuses of negligent doctors and hospitals to get you the result you deserve.

Briggs & Wholey, LLC - Statewide Trial Attorneys
Statewide Maine is a big state and no law firm has an office in every town. Briggs & Wholey is centrally located in the Midcoast, which allows us to handle cases throughout the entire State of Maine.

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Donald Briggs C. Donald Briggs, III Feb. 7, 1954 - Sept. 7, 2014 Your dedication and hard work continue...