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Uncle Sam Pays For A Lot But Draws The Line On Mal

Who pays for Malpractice? (Not Uncle Sam, Not anymore...)

On August 22, 2007 Medicare issued a Final Rule that applies to every Medicare recipient who sets foot in a hospital. Simply put, starting in 2008 Medicare will not pay for medical care billed by a hospital if :

  • you get a bedsore while at the hospital
  • you are allowed to fall and get hurt
  • air is injected into your bloodstream (air embolism) and you are injured because of it
  • objects are left inside you during surgery that shouldn't be left inside you
  • you get an infection that could have been prevented
  • the doctor operates on the wrong body part
  • a medication error harms you
  • you are harmed by receiving an incompatible blood transfusion

These are just some of the conditions covered by the new rules, but at least Medicare now recognizes what patients have known all along: Certain medical accidents should never happen, and these "never" events cause serious harm. Of course, the Medicare rules only address the economics of who pays for the cost of medical care to take care of someone who has been hurt by

medical negligence in a hospital. Nothing in the new Medicare rules could possibly address the human pain and suffering caused by utterly preventable hospital malpractice.

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