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SUV Rollover Accidents

Maine SUV Rollover Accident Lawyers

SUV Rollover AccidentMaine car accident attorneys in Briggs& Wholey understand the life-changing effects of a serious car accident. Working with personal injury clients for a combined total of nearly 30 years, they know that victims of negligence need comprehensive representation to recover the damages they are entitled to after an auto collision, especially those involving large vehicles.

Sport Utility Vehicles, or “SUVs,” are popular modes of transportation that allow the driver to peer over other cars, carry more passengers than a sedan, and haul items from location to location. However, SUVs also present an increased risk of rolling over and severely injuring or killing the vehicle’s occupants or others. The attorneys at Briggs & Wholey tirelessly pursue all avenues of legal relief potentially available to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians injured in SUV rollover car accidents. We have dedicated the entirety of our practice to negotiating and litigating personal injury cases, and fighting to recover the compensation our clients need and deserve.

Fatal SUV Rollover Crashes Are On the Rise

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a Report in 2002 entitled Characteristics of Fatal Rollover Crashes, which describes the shared circumstances of passengers and drivers in rollover crashes. The study found that SUVs, or light trucks, represent an increasing proportion of the total number of fatal rollover crashes, negating the decline of fatalities in other types of passenger car rollover accidents.

Rollover crashes are described to be the most damaging and violent of vehicle collisions. If occupants are unrestrained, they can be subject to all kinds of forces and impacts that are more likely to result in fatalities. The NHTSA found that SUVs were more likely than passenger cars to be involved in rollover crashes, and that they have a higher percentage of injuries and fatalities compared to pick-up trucks and vans.

Maine Drivers Are Expected to Drive Safely In Any Vehicle

Sport Utility Vehicles are large vehicles that can give the impression to the driver and passengers within that they are safe and sturdy, and that they will never be a source of harm. However, this can be a false sense of security – as described above, SUVs can and do become involved in accidents and injuries, even at a higher rate than cars or trucks, particularly in accidents involving rollovers. And SUV drivers whose careless conduct harms others can be held legally responsible.

Under Maine law, no matter what kind of vehicle they are in, Maine drivers are expected to use reasonable care while driving, and failure to do so can create liability for drivers or parties who injure others through their reckless conduct. Personal injury suits allow an injured party to obtain needed compensation for future and incurred medical bills, as well as lost income, pain and suffering, and other amounts. To prevail, the injured must show that the driver was negligent, and that this negligence caused the injuries for which they are seeking compensation.

Dedicated Advocates for Victims of Negligence

The Maine car accident lawyers at Briggs & Wholey have the necessary skills and experience to investigate the causes of SUV rollover wrecks, and help you build your case to recover lost wages, medical costs, and other injury-related expenses. We understand the hardship an accident or death can have on the injured and the injured’s family, and we will aggressively fight to get the compensation you need. If you or someone you love has been injured in an SUV rollover, we would be happy to speak with you in a free, confidential consultation about what happened and how to protect your rights. Contact our law office today online or call (888) 596-1099.

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