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The State of Maine reports that there were:
Alcohol Related Crashes: 57
Speed Related Crashes: 205
* In Aroostook County 2010
Source: 2012 Maine Highway Safety Plan


Presque Isle, located in Aroostook County Maine, is the state’s northernmost, largest and most sparsely populated county. In fact, the land area of Aroostook County mirrors that of the entire State of Massachusetts. This area is known for its lumber history, agriculture and potato farms, as well as its Acadian heritage. Bordered on two sides by Canada, many of its residents are bilingual. Although its location can be well off the beaten path for the average Maine traveler, this area possesses its own natural beauty and drawls adventurous visitors away from the coast. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway offers endless recreational opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. The region is ideal for hiking, fishing, kayaking, snowmobiling and hunting or even recreational vehicle use.

Presque Isle is the largest town within Aroostook County with a population of approximately 9,700 residents based on the 2010 census data. Today, in addition to providing agricultural and recreational opportunities, Presque Isle operates as a retail and commercial center for nearby American and Canadian towns.

At Briggs & Wholey, LLC, our Presque Isle Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers know that even in rural areas where there is less traffic congestion than major metropolitan areas, the rural mileage death rate is greater than the urban mileage death rate in Maine. The Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Highway Safety Maine State crash data supports this information. When you have been hurt in a traffic accident, the Presque Isle personal injury attorneys in our firm can provide the trusted and experienced representation necessary to pursue damages for the harm you have suffered.

According to the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety’s crash facts report for the year 2010, 161 fatalities and 775 serious injuries occurred on Maine roads. The Presque Isle car accident attorneys in our firm know that if you’re injured in an accident, you can find your life changed in the space of a few minutes. Vehicular accidents are one major cause of serious medical issues. Traffic accidents and the injuries that result cause substantial loss of worker productivity and contribute to higher medical costs.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, a top priority is your ability to focus on your recovery. The Presque Isle personal injury attorneys in our firm understand the stress of losing income and the effects this will have on your family, or significant others who may rely upon you. We will take immediate action to ensure that your claim for compensation is filed efficiently and effectively. Our area of expertise allows us to stand up to powerful insurance companies, ensuring that they live up to their obligations so that your current and future needs will be met.

In the U.S., drunk drivers are responsible for approximately one third of the total car accident fatalities; and Maine is no stranger to these tragic accidents. Our Presque Isle car accident lawyers believe in a strong justice system that dispenses severe penalties for any driver that is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and demands that they be held accountable for any and all harm caused by such action. We have the experience, litigation skills and resources to thoroughly investigate motor vehicle accidents and to determine the financial liability of the driver involved.

At Briggs & Wholey, LLC, our Presque Isle personal injury attorneys are ready to represent you when you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident. You can be assured that the car accident lawyers Presque Isle residents trust for legal representation work for our firm. We’ll fight for your rights and provide the advocacy you need to recover damages. Feel free to reach out to us for a free, confidential consultation.

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