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Car Accidents

Car Accidents In Maine, you have to prove two things to recover money if you're seriously hurt in a car accident through another driver's carelessness:
(1) That the carelessness (called "negligence") of the other driver was more responsible for the accident than anything you did, and
(2) That your injuries are real, and are caused by the accident (not some unrelated condition or mishap.)

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Losing a loved one is by far one of life's most difficult experiences, and when that death came about because of someone's negligent or wrongful behavior, pain is often redoubled.

Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries The brain can be injured in an accident. Injuries can range from severe, such as a skull fractured or bleeding in the brain, to a mild concussion that resolves over days, weeks or months. The brain is a complex and vital organ that shapes who we are.

Trucking Accidents

Truck Accidents Every year, nearly 500,000 large trucks are involved in traffic accident in the United States, many of them right here in Maine. Approximately 5,000 of these accidents involving semi-trailer trucks result in fatalities.

Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries Birth injury cases are complex. You may need the help of a competent injury attorney well versed in this complex area of birth injury law.  A large percentage of birth injury cases are lost at trial, regardless of merit. An experienced birth injury lawyer can significantly improve your chances of winning your claim.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect Many of these facilities can provide great care for our loved ones. Unfortunately, there are many as well that do not. Some Maine nursing homes are understaffed with underpaid and poorly trained employees.

Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries Personal injury victims are injured through the fault of another person or group. Personal injury encompasses a broad range of cases, from slip and fall injuries to car accidents.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Medical professionals are meant to provide care and healing, but in cases of medical malpractice the opposite occurs. When a doctor makes an incorrect diagnosis, fails to treat a patient's condition promptly, issues a wrong prescription, or neglects to administer appropriate care, the patient may suffer serious injury.

Products Liability

Products Liability Manufacturers and store owners have a responsibility to consumers. They must ensure that the products they sell are neither defective nor inherently dangerous. If a dangerous or defective product injures an unwary consumer, the manufacturer (and sometimes the designer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer) is considered legally liable, as long as the consumer was using the product as it was meant to be used when he or she was injured.

Liquor Liability/Dram Shop

bar In Maine, any person who recklessly or negligently serves liquor to a minor or visibly intoxicated person, who in turn causes damage or injuries to others, may have an action brought against them for money damages plus medical expenses.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycles are great transportation, but grim statistics illustrate the risk associated with motorcycles.

Bus Accidents

Bus Accident Alison Wholey Briggs is a Maine personal injury lawyer committed to helping accident victims recover the compensation they deserve. With nearly 30 years of combined experience litigating personal injury cases, including those involving bus accidents, we know how to maximize an injured client’s recovery through all the avenues of legal relief available.

Premises Liability Accidents in Maine

Premises Liabilities The Maine slip and fall attorneys at Briggs and Wholey understand that premises liability accidents can cause life-long injuries. We also know that it can be difficult to move forward with a claim when the responsible party is a friend, relative, or business associate.

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic Injury No matter where you live or work in Maine, sudden events that cause catastrophic injuries can happen to anyone at any anytime. Catastrophic injuries often cause permanent damage and substantially life altering disability. While catastrophic injuries can improve over time with proper treatment and care, the cost of such care can quickly become staggering.

Construction Accidents

Construction Maine construction accident attorney Alison Wholey provides aggressive representation for workers injured in construction accidents. They have seen and understand the enormous hardships that these serious and devastating accidents cause.

Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accidents Air travel continues to be a popular form of transportation for both residents and visitors in Maine. Like any commonly used form of transportation, unforeseen circumstances and the risks inherent in air travel can cause severe injuries or death.

Dog Bites

Dog Bite At Briggs & Wholey, we are dedicated to helping injured victims across the state of Maine. Our experienced staff and Maine dog bite attorneys know how the traumatic experience of an animal attack can stay with someone for the rest of his or her life.

Railroad Accidents

Railroad Accident The attorneys at Briggs & Wholey know the devastation that can result from a railroad accident. Trains are large, heavy, and fast, and any impact is likely to result in death or catastrophic injury. Our Maine railroad accident attorneys know how such injuries can result in severe emotional trauma in addition to financial hardship.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries Spinal cord injuries can happen in an instant and change a person’s life forever. Anyone can suffer the devastating effects of spinal cord damage. The Maine serious injury lawyers at Briggs & Wholey recognize that victims of spinal cord injuries need appropriate medical care as well as financial support.

Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault Domestic violence has finally become a topic of public discussion in Maine. Statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) show that domestic violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime. Here in Maine, however, that number is much higher.

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