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Nursing Home Neglect

The leading Maine nursing home neglect lawyers at Briggs & Wholey specialize in Maine nursing home abuse law. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of nursing home patients injured by the negligence of others. Our firm provides the highest quality legal representation to nursing home neglect victims in Portland, Bangor, August, Lewiston, and other areas of Maine.

Imagine living in a Maine nursing home and having cancer or arthritis so severe that you cannot get out of bed by yourself. You rely on the nurses to make sure your pain patch is in place, but the nurses don’t check, and the nursing assistants steal your pain medication. Imagine that no one comes right away when you press your call light to go the bathroom, and no one comes to help you change your position. Imagine that you fall out of bed and break your arm trying to get to the bathroom on your own. And imagine that, because you aren’t positioned by nurses on schedule, you develop a large and excruciatingly painful bedsore that grows deep into your flesh and becomes infected.

All of these images are real. This has happened Maine residents of nursing homes. Nursing home negligence caused by understaffing, or poorly trained staff, may cause severe injuries and death to Maine’s most vulnerable population- the nursing home bound elderly.

Nursing home neglect can be stressful from the point of view of the family of the elderly neglect victim as well.

As Mainers watching our grandparents and parents grow older we realize that with advancing age come new concerns about health, long term care, and losing our loved ones. When elderly loved ones are no longer able to live on their own or be cared for by loved ones, many of us turn to a Maine assisted living facility or nursing home to provide thoughtful and conscientious care.

Many of these facilities can provide great care for our loved ones. Unfortunately, there are many as well that do not. Some Maine nursing homes are understaffed with underpaid and poorly trained employees. Nursing homes may put profits over people and, as a result, they endanger the lives of their patients.

Common examples of nursing home negligence include:

  • Failure to give medication properly and safely
  • Failure to reposition
  • Bedsores (“Decubitus Ulcers”)
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Choking on food
  • Assaults by other patients or by nursing home employees
  • Using unsafe medical equipment
  • Patient falls
  • An incorrect medical diagnosis or treatment
  • Delayed response to nursing home injury
  • Failure to communicate with family and doctors about changes in condition
  • Providing nursing home patients with substandard care
  • Wrongful death

Neglected, abused, and threatened, nursing home residents may suffer physically and emotionally. Painful bedsores, broken bones, or even premature death can result from neglectful and outright abusive treatment.

Visible injuries are the type that you will pick up on right away. Examples are broken bones, cuts, scars, and bed sores.

Neglect type injuries are more subtle and more difficult to see. These include insufficient food, water, and bathing opportunities, failure to change the resident’s underclothes in a timely manner if using the toilet is an issue, failure to supply adequate bathing supplies such as shampoo and soap, failure to properly assist the resident who needs help bathing, eating, walking, and verbal abuse.

Some Mainers are fooled into thinking that a Nursing Home is “safe’ if it has a federal government five-star rating system. However, the number of stars a nursing home is assigned can be misleading.

A Nursing Home may receive five stars for staffing, three stars for inspections, three stars for fire safety, but only one star for quality measures, and still have an overall score of three stars. Even if a nursing home has an overall three star score, would you want your mother or father exposed to a higher risk of injury, including bedsores and urinary tract infections, than they would encounter at a different nursing home only a half mile away? When a nursing home tells the federal government that it has great staffing, but also has a high percentage of bedsores, urinary tract infections and depressed residents, the facts speak for themselves. Nursing homes are only as good as the care they deliver.

In Maine, only about a quarter ( 26% ) of our long term care facilities received the government’s best nursing home score. Even worse, more than 7% of our nursing homes received the lowest “one star” ranking.

Families need to know that that their elderly mother, father, aunt, uncle or dear, older friend is safe and well cared for. When an elderly Mainer is injured in a Nursing Home through neglect, you will benefit from legal help to recover compensation for the injury, for costs and the dignity an elderly loved one deserves. If your loved one has fallen victim to abuse or neglect in a nursing home setting, call Briggs and Wholey. We have assisted clients and obtain successful results from nursing homes that have caused injury to residents through neglectful care.

Maine has special rules and procedures for bringing a claim against a Maine nursing home. Many Maine attorneys are unfamiliar with these important legal requirements. At Briggs & Wholey we are very familiar with Maine’s special nursing home malpractice rules, and are often referred cases by other attorneys.

If you or someone you love was injured by the medical malpractice of a doctor or other health professional, contact the experienced Maine nursing home neglect attorneys of Briggs & Wholey today. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to injured nursing home patients throughout Maine. Our team of seasoned lawyers and highly-skilled staff work diligently to help you achieve the best outcome possible in your case. We have successfully handled the varied types of nursing home cases, recovering significant verdicts and settlements for clients across the state. At Briggs & Wholey, you are not just another number. We are devoted to defending your rights, and those of your loved ones, to help you get just compensation for your nursing home injury, and enjoy your later years in life with dignity. For a free consultation, call (888) 596-1099 or contact us online.

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