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Maine Trial Lawyers Working To Protect Maine Citiz

MTLA & AAJ PAC Prevent Deep-Sixing the Seventh

There's a struggle going on.

Whether ordinary Mainers know it or not. Whether ordinary Mainers like it or not.

It's a struggle that affects all Maine citizens. It's not about poor against rich, and it's not about plaintiffs against defendants. It's about fairness and injustice--right and wrong.

Maine trial lawyers know that insurance companies are looking the other way when 98,000 people die of medical malpractice every year in this country-including a fair share of Maine patients. Maine trial lawyers know that insurance companies look the other way when products kill and maim Maine citizens. Insurance companies look the other way whenever their actions cause catastrophic injuries.

Those insurance companies are supposed to be there to give their Maine insureds peace of mind that their mistakes will be looked after. Most times, the individual Maine defendant would like to fix the mistake they made that hurt someone. They would like to make up for the hurt they cause that can't be fixed. That's why they have insurance in the first place.

But Maine trial lawyers know that insurance companies are fighting justified payments to hurt Americans all across the country. They take this fight not to pay to the extreme, regardless of the hurt and regardless of the injustice.

A Maine doctor who hurts a patient by an obvious act of carelessness or misjudgment may want the insurance company to make it up to the hurt patient, but the insurance company says "No". The manufacturer of an appliance that disembowels a child may want the insurance company to do whatever it can to help the innocent child. It's the insurance company that says "No". The Maine driver of a car who admits liability for a crippling back injury wants the insurance company to pay. You know who says "No".

Insurance companies put the money-the insurance premiums- they get from their insureds right into their pockets. And they would like to keep that money there as profits for their own insurance executives. They put their profits above the promises they make to pay for clear cut mistakes.

And they are lobbying Congress to stop Maine citizens' ability to make them pay by bringing them to trial in Maine. They have no intention of stopping. They want to deep-six the Seventh Amendment with federal legislation that will pre-empt Maine lawsuits, cap Maine damages and compel arbitration.This is the struggle Maine trial lawyers are speaking of.

Maine attorneys are caught in this struggle right now, but they are not alone.

Maine Trial Lawyers help the American Association of Justice battle in Congress to keep our courts open, to limit pre-emption and to make arbitration an informed choice--not a forced feeding. AAJ's Political Action Committee supports Congressional candidates who stand up for the rights of our clients, and all ordinary Americans.

MTLA thinks it's critical to take action now. MTLA members have been asked to give the equivalent of a Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee a day to AAJ PAC--one dollar a day. This makes sense, since the AAJ PAC has been successful in stopping legislative assaults on the Seventh Amendment, and they can continue if state TLAs help.

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