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Have you been caught in the medical malpractice struggle?

There's a struggle going on. 

Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not.

It's a struggle that affects us all.

It's not about poor against rich, and it's not about  patients against doctors. 

It's about fairness and injustice--right and wrong.

Malpractice insurance companies are looking the other way when 98,000 people die of medical malpractice every year in this country. 

Those insurance companies are supposed to be there to give the doctors, hospitals and nursing homes peace of mind that their mistakes will be looked after. 

Most times, health care workers would like to fix the mistakes they make that hurt people. 

They would like to make up for the hurt they cause that can't be fixed.

That's why they have insurance in the first place.

But the malpractice insurance companies are fighting paying hurt patients on malpractice claims.

They take this fight not to pay to the extreme, regardless of the hurt and regardless of the injustice. 

A doctor who hurts a patient by an obvious act  of carelessness or misjudgment may want the insurance company to make it up to the hurt patient, but the insurance company says "No".

Insurance companies put the money-the insurance premiums-  they get from doctors and hospital right into their pockets.  And they would like to keep that money there as profits for their own insurance executives. They put their profits above the promises they make to pay for clear cut medical mistakes.

It happens all the time.

This is the struggle we are speaking of.

If you're caught in this struggle right now, you are not alone.


We would like to hear about what happened to you.  Maybe we can help.


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