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Car Accidents

The experienced Maine car accident attorneys of Briggs & Wholey have established a reputation for excellence in personal injury law. We have successfully represented hundreds of victims injured in car accidents. Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to injured victims throughout Maine.

In Maine, you have to prove two things to recover money damages if you're hurt in a car accident due to another driver's carelessness:

  • That the carelessness (called "negligence") of the other driver was more responsible for the accident than anything you did, and
  • That your injuries are real, and were caused by the accident (not some unrelated condition or mishap).

In addition to physical injuries, and emotional trauma, a Maine personal injury plaintiff has to prove any lost wages that result from the car accident.

Compensation For Car Accident Injury

You can be hurt by a careless driver in a car accident through no fault of your own. Careless drivers cause car accidents for many reasons and combinations of actions. You name it—not paying attention, excess speed, time of day, road conditions, distractions, obstructions, driver inexperience, driver fatigue, poor judgment of distances, poor eyesight, poorly maintained cars, and animals in the road are just a few of the factors that result in serious car crashes, and life altering injuries. At Briggs & Wholey we know that proving the existence of one or more of these factors in your accident will make or break your ability to recover compensation in settlement or at trial.

In Maine, state law requires drivers to drive "at a careful and prudent speed not greater than is reasonable and proper, having due regard to the traffic, surface and width of the way and other conditions then existing."

In intersection crashes, the right-of-way becomes an important issue. For example, a Maine driver turning left is required to "so watch and time the movements of the other car as to reasonably ensure itself of a safe passage, either in front of rear of such car, even to the extent to stopping and waiting, if necessary."

Improper passing has caused serious injuries for many of our clients at Briggs & Wholey. That is because Maine, more than other states, is criss-crossed by roads that are only two lanes, one going in each direction. Maine drivers have to know the rules for passing, and use them. Many car accidents are caused because the defendant driver failed to follow the basic rule that passing is only allowed when there is a safe distance to clear the passed vehicle.

Before the ink is dry on your doctor's prescription for crutches and pain medicine, an insurance company adjuster may try to pressure you into taking blame for the accident even if you were just a passenger! At Briggs & Wholey we know to handle insurance adjusters and protect our clients' interests by gathering proof that shows the true cause of the crash.

An injured Maine plaintiff is often surprised to learn that a defendant driver claims that his or her actions were caused by some sort of emergency situation, and that the defendant driver had nothing to do with causing the accident. For example, an insurance adjuster may try to have you say that the defendant's driving error was related to bad weather, or some other driver who's nowhere to be found after the accident.

Get Legal Help After A Crash

It's very discouraging to be seriously hurt in a car accident, have a wrecked car in an auto shop, and then find yourself hassling with an insurance company. After taking money from an insured, careless driver through premiums, the same insurance company will take the position that:

  • The accident was caused by the injured person's own actions (when the injured person knows that is not true)
  • The injured person's injuries are not serious!

In essence the careless driver's insurance company will say to you: "Get over it!" and "Don't look to us for insurance benefits to pay your doctor's bills and lost income!"

This can happen even when your life has obviously been turned upside-down by severe pain and disability, astronomical medical bills, complete loss of income and serious family problems caused by the injuries and the constant back-and-forth to doctors.

And in Maine, it's common to get a call from an over-friendly insurance adjuster who says he just wants to stop by your house and take your statement (or tape-record it over the phone). Later, when you read the cleverly phrased questions, you may see that you were trapped into describing the accident as your own fault and your injury as nothing much to worry about, when you know the opposite is true. Insurance adjusters usually set up these interviews for a time when your injury hasn't healed, and you, frankly, don't know how long it will take for you to be better. Some injuries don't get better. And the insurance adjuster knows that. Even so, they can, and often do, offer a quick, very low sum of money, and tell you that it's only available if you sign a release on the spot. That low "now or never" pressure tactic is to the insurance company's advantage, and will be all you will ever receive, no matter how hurt you are, and no matter whether or not your injury develops into something much more serious in six days, six weeks or six months. Knowing the right time to settle, or to push for a trial, is something an experienced trial attorney knows.

To win a fair settlement or a satisfactory verdict, a Maine personal injury attorney needs to show that the other driver was careless and caused the accident. An experienced injury lawyer proves that the defendant driver made bad choices or had enough time to take deliberate action, to avoid the accident, even after being confronted with a perilous situation. This is especially important in Maine, where winter driving conditions are often used by careless drivers who try to avoid responsibility for their own driving choices when they choose to be out on the move in bad weather.

And remember, to recover fair compensation in Maine it isn't enough just to show that an accident was caused by a careless driver. You need to prove the nature and extent of your injuries. The medical records, medical bills and work records need to be obtained and evaluated by experts who can research and prove the seriousness of the injuries. If the injuries are permanent, specialists such as economists and life care plan specialists are employed by Briggs & Wholey to make sure the other side knows the full value of the case.

Contact Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

There are many twists and turns on the road to fair compensation for serious car crash injuries. The first step is to sit down with an experienced personal injury attorney, review in detail how the accident happened, make a careful list of what your injuries are, and give thought to how they are affecting you and those around you.

After a car accident, your job is to try to recover your good health. You will have your hands full with that job. Briggs & Wholey's job is to recover the money that compensates you fairly, justly and completely for your struggle.

If you were injured in an car accident, contact the experienced Maine car accident lawyers at Briggs & Wholey today. For over 25 years, we have been dedicated to helping injured victims recover the compensation they deserve. Our attorneys are renowned leaders in car accident law. We have successfully handled all types of cases involving car accidents, recovering verdicts and settlements for clients throughout Maine. At Briggs & Wholey, we are not only top litigators; we treat every client with dignity and respect. Our experienced team of attorneys is devoted to helping you maximize your recovery and get back on your feet. For a free, confidential consultation, call us at (888) 596-1099 or contact us online.

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