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The United States Government reports that there were:
Distracted Driving Injuries: 416,000
Distracted Driving Deaths: 3,092
Distracted Driving Accidents caused 18% of all traffic injuries
* 2010


The State of Maine reports that there were:
Alcohol Related Crashes: 36
Speed Related Crashes: 109
* In Knox County 2010
Source: 2012 Maine Highway Safety Plan, Distraction.Gov


Situated on the Penobscot Bay, the towns of Camden (dubbed the “Jewel of Midcoast Maine”) and Rockport (voted “Prettiest Town” Forbes 2008) offer unparalleled beauty and charm. Although once combined, the towns in many ways remain synonymous to those familiar with the area. This remains the case, despite the fact that each town has a different feel and flavor. Perhaps its their shared past, steeped in lime, fishing and shipbuilding, or their proximity that makes this so; or perhaps it is their joint access to the gorgeous Penobscot Bay and all of its islands or the shared mountain range that make them feel united. Either way, there is an unmistakable sense of community here. The area has long inspired explorers, writers and artists and continues to be a popular place for summer homes, retirement and tourism. It is estimated that the population triples here in the summer months, and that approximately 3.6 million travelers pass through this area annually.

According to a recent edition of DownEast Magazine, Rt. 1, “spans 527 miles, 9 counties, and 81 communities.” This road represents the primary means of transport for those, living, working, and visiting the beautiful Midcoast and Downeast sections of Maine. As one travels this two-lane highway, there are many villages, towns and distractions along the way. Traffic consists of residents, commuters, boaters, vehicles engaged in transport, and vacationers unfamiliar with our roadways. Due to the nature of this environment, we know that distracted driving can occur; which endangers drivers, passengers, and bystander safety. Distracted driving occurs when the vehicle operator engages in any activity, which can divert their attention from the primary task at hand: namely driving.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that nationally, distracted drivers accounted for an estimated 416,000 injuries and 3,092 deaths in 2010. Representing 18% of all crashes resulting in injury within the United States. (NHTS, Distraction.gov)

Although there are many activities that can contribute to driver distraction, texting and the use of cell phones is by far the most dangerous diversion a driver can engage in. The use of cell phones and texting is under intense scrutiny within legislative branches across the country, and within our state. Although additional research and more uniformed reporting is needed to fully address this issue; current data indicates that the roll of cell phone use as a contributing factor to accidents is roughly equivalent to that of alcohol use. The results of a 2010 Maine Bureau of Highway Safety survey state that, 78% of the residents polled admitted cell phone usage and 28% admitted to texting while driving. (MeBHS)

The attorneys at Briggs and Wholey know that speed, alcohol and distracted driving exponentially increase the risk of harm on our roadways and within our communities. These are avoidable behaviors, which endanger others. We are dedicated to helping injured parties and their families recover from their loss incurred from such accidents.

In addition to providing comprehensive accident representation for the Camden and Rockport area, the experienced attorneys at Briggs & Wholey, LLC, represent clients’ interests in all forms of personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.

At Briggs & Wholey, we are proud to represent our neighbors in all of Midcoast Maine; including the towns of Owls Head, St. George, Thomaston, Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville, Hope, Appleton, Union as well as the islands of Vinalhaven, North Haven, Monhegan, and Islesboro. Our litigation team offers nearly 30 years of cumulative trial experience and a board certified, Registered Nurse with 15 years of tenured medical knowledge to lend expertise in preparing your case for settlement or trial. Our experience, access to resources and experts, and tenacious approach has helped us become a trusted legal source within the community and amongst our legal peers.

We have the skills and expertise you need; and we feel a social and moral obligation to vehemently protect our neighbors’ interest to ensure the just compensation they deserve. Although we handle cases throughout the entire state of Maine, this is the area that we call home. We hope that our personal injury litigation efforts help to improve overall road safety; and the quality of medical and nursing care within our community and our state.

If you feel you or a loved one may have a personal injury or wrongful death case due to vehicular or medical negligence, we would be happy to assist. Please feel free to contact us via our website “contact form” or via phone (888) 596-1099. We will review your case “free of charge” and provide timely and accurate answers to your questions and concerns.

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