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What Really Happens

iStock monkeybusinessimages.jpgYour Mother or Grandmother is in a nursing home. It was a tough decision but you’re promised that she will be cared for even better than you could do yourself at home. You visit a lot, but you aren’t around to see the corners that are cut to meet corporate goals for profitability.

We know first-hand the pressures on nursing home staff, and the injuries that result from an unnecessary fall.

A shattered hip is a very painful injury. The fix is a big surgery. Very painful postoperative course. It costs a fortune, too. Either the patient pays, or the taxpayers pays with Medicare dollars.

For a broken hip, statistics are gruesome. When an elderly patient falls and breaks a hip, thirty percent die within a year.

And that last year is not “On Golden Pond”. It’s spent mostly in bed, in a haze of pain dimmed by narcotics but with pain that is still ever present.

Across the nation the families of nursing home patients saying “Enough.” You’re not a victim if you fight back. Hold nursing homes responsible for poor choices in running understaffed facilities with poorly trained nursing assistants who are forced to ignore the needs of our loved ones. It isn’t really the fault of the underpaid, overworked nurses’ aide afraid to speak up and lose her job. It’s the corporation that puts profits over people. They know what they’re doing. They just don’t like to own up to it. Which is why it’s so great that we still have a Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury.

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