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Study Claims Voice-to-Text Technology Leads to Distracted Driving in Maine and Nationwide

1417191_hand_holding_mobile_smart_phone sxchu username iceviking.jpgAccording to researchers at Texas A&M University’s Transportation Institute, motorists who utilize voice-to-text technology such as Siri and Vlingo on their mobile phones while driving are no safer than those who use traditional manual texting methods. As part of the study, researchers asked 43 drivers to drive on a closed course while typing a text message. Researchers then asked the drivers to repeat the course while sending a message using voice-to-text technology. As each driver navigated the course, the study authors measured the amount of time it took them to respond to a random light and the amount of time their eyes remained fixed on the roadway. Researchers reportedly found that motorist response times were delayed regardless of the type of text messaging technology used.

The study authors found that while drivers spent about 37.3 seconds looking at the road when they were not texting, their eyes spent an average of 27.2 seconds on the roadway while manually texting, 28.6 seconds while using Siri, and 25.8 seconds while using Vlingo. Interestingly, researchers stated although driver performance remained fairly constant, manual texting actually took some motorists less time than utilizing a voice-to-text system. In addition, more drivers stated they felt their level of safety increased when using voice-to-text technology.

Although no motor vehicle manufacturers currently provide voice-to-text technology in their car or trucks, some are reportedly experimenting with placing such systems in future models. The safety results from studies like this one may have an impact the future of voice-to-text systems. According to lead researcher Christine Yager, the Transportation Institute study was designed to be a step towards fully understanding distracted driving.

In Maine, distracted driving is not only dangerous, but it is also illegal. According to a survey conducted by the nation’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 11 percent of drivers across the country were distracted at the time of a fatal traffic wreck in 2009. In addition, more than 15 people are killed and an estimated 1,200 are reportedly hurt in collisions that involve a distracted driver each day. Someone who was injured by a distracted motorist in Maine may be eligible to recover financial compensation for their physical harm, emotional injuries, and lost wages. Certain family members of someone who was killed by a distracted motorist may also be able to collect additional damages. If you were hurt in an unexpected automobile collision, you should contact a skilled car accident attorney to discuss your case.

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