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Study Claims Drivers in Maine and Across the U.S. Are Distracted More Than They Realize

70784_cell_phone sxchu username vxdigital.jpgAccording to researchers at the University of Utah, motorists across the nation are often distracted by the very technology designed to increase driver safety. As part of a two-year controlled study funded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a team of researchers placed an electrode cap on study participants and asked them to perform both driving simulations and road tests. The information obtained through the cap reportedly measured how quickly each driver reacted to a variety of distractions. The data collected showed that the amount of time a motorist was distracted increased with the complexity of a distracting task. In addition, the level of distraction was affected by the amount of time it took to complete a given task.

Interestingly, the study authors reportedly found that speech-to-text systems designed to make the act of text messaging safer are not effective in reducing driver distraction. According to the study report, such voice-based systems may actually have a negative impact on traffic safety. Additionally, researchers purportedly noted that distracted drivers generally take a longer amount of time to register and react to unexpected roadway events directly in front of them.

In 2011, distracted driving allegedly killed more than 3,300 people and injured an additional 387,000 across the United States. Distracted drivers also caused about 10 percent of the deadly traffic crashes that occurred during the same year. Text messaging is the number one source of driver distraction. Despite the fact that sending or receiving text messages while behind the wheel of a vehicle is currently prohibited in 41 states, the problem of distracted driving has grown exponentially in recent years.

Regrettably, motorists who choose to text behind the wheel, talk on a cellular telephone, or engage in other unsafe behaviors on the roadways throughout Maine often injure innocent victims. To recover financial damages for any injuries sustained in a traffic accident in Maine, a crash victim must be able to demonstrate that a negligent motorist was chiefly responsible for the collision and that their harm directly resulted from the wreck. If you were injured in an unexpected traffic wreck, you are advised to speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer to discuss your options for recovery.

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