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Speak Up! Maine Teens Die In Accidents Unecessarily

Is there anything worse than saying “Have a good time–be back by midnight!” to your teen, then hearing a knock at the door at midnight.  The State Police Trooper says it all without saying a word.  If you look up Aleisha Sonksen on the Internet, you will see that she died in an accident early today, around midnight.

But the Internet shows that Aleisha Sonksen is more than just a name in a newspaper report of a teen death.  She was a runner– Look at her race times.  She was a writer–a Semi Finalist in the 2007 Letters About Literature Contest.  She was a Knox County girl that couldn’t be protected from death.  Or could we have done something?  Did anyone see a little sports car speeding or being driven in a less than safe way?  Do we say “Tsk, Tsk, none of my business” because we don’t want to get involved, be nosy or intrusive?  Recently, my teenage daughter’s boyfriend was grounded from driving for two weeks.  The reason:  A mom saw him pull out of the school parking lot going too fast.  She called the boy’s mom.  A discussion ensued.  A grounding followed that.  I am so grateful to both moms, and to anybody who looks out for my child–a teenager still is that, a child–in the only way we can.  Please don’t be afraid of being labeled intrusive or nosy when you see a driver doing something you wouldn’t want done if your child was on board. Save a life.  Speak up.
Alison Wholey Briggs Mynick
Briggs & Wholey, LLC

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