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Smart Brake Light Technology May Reduce Vehicle Crash Rates in Maine and Elsewhere

184271_traffic_jams_3 sxchu username mrwrite.jpgThe automakers at Ford have created a smart brake light that can communicate with other vehicles and alert motorists to possible emergencies sooner. The experimental brake light sends a wireless signal to other cars and trucks traveling behind a vehicle. If the vehicle is required to stop suddenly, the signal activates a warning light on the dash of any autos following it. The signal can also alert motorists who are already stopped in traffic or are around a corner from an emergency. The new safety technology was developed in an effort to minimize rear-end and other collisions on roads across the United States and the rest of the world.

According to Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer and Vice-President of Ford Research and Innovation, technology that allows vehicles to communicate with one another is a major advancement in roadway safety. More than 500 drivers tested the brake light technology over a four-year-period prior to its recent unveiling in Germany. Mascarenas said Ford is committed to testing and improving the safety technology further before the company begins to install smart brake lights in Ford vehicles in the “foreseeable future.”

Other motor vehicle safety technologies that are currently being tested by Ford include a roadway obstacle warning system, a traffic sign assistant, traffic management software, and in-vehicle internet access that would allow drivers to stay informed about traffic conditions ahead. The technologies Ford is testing are part of the Safe Intelligent Mobility – Testfield Germany research project. The project is an industry-wide study of new smart motor vehicle safety system technologies.

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