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Maine’s Mandatory Motor Vehicle Accident Funeral Expenses

Many Mainers do not know that automobile insurance policies in Maine are required to cover funeral expenses. The reason might be that funeral expenses benefits are listed as medical payments coverage, and the wording about funeral expenses might be easy to overlook.

It is important to know that mandatory “medical payments” coverage pays for the medical and funeral expenses incurred by someone killed in an accident while riding in or driving in a car. Claims against this required coverage include all reasonable funeral expenses. It will also cover a member of a household for funeral expenses resulting from an accident involving another vehicle while walking or biking, or while riding in another car. This coverage will pay for funeral expenses regardless of who caused the accident.

p>This coverage is there for the asking. A useful publication that emphasizes this point is “A Consumer’s Guide to…Personal Auto Insurance”, a publication of the Maine Bureau of Insurance, which can be found at:

It is not usually necessary to have a lawyer to talk to your insurance company about recovering funeral expenses. All that is usually needed is a telephone call to your automobile insurance company. In any event, many attorneys would be happy to make the call to the insurance company without charging a fee for doing so.

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