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Maine Motorist Danger: Blinded By The Light

SunGlareIn Farmington, Maine yesterday, the driver of a  Volkswagen died in a crash that is reported to have been caused by the sun blinding another driver’s eyes.  Car crashes are a leading cause of lawsuits based on Wrongful Death.

We are all responsible for our driving.  If it is sunny, we have to beware of being blinded by the sun.  There are two simple steps that drivers can take to minimize the blinding effects of sun when driving.

First, avoid creating glare reflected from the dashboard by using a dash board cleaner that won’t give your dashboard a glossy finish.  Avoid any dashboard cleaner that promised to give your dash a “high-gloss finish.”

Second, wear sunglasses, and make sure they have polarized lenses. Most ordinary sunglasses lenses are not designed to cut through glare. Polarized lenses are designed to cut through glare.

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Alison Wholey Briggs Mynick/Briggs & Wholey/May 1, 2011

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