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Maine Children at Greater Risk for Cancer

Time Magazine has a recent article of interest to all Maine parents. Time has reported that a government study shows that our Maine children are at greater risk for childhood cancer than children raised in places like California, Florida and the Midwest. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have just issued a study showing that there are 179 cases of cancer per million in children in the New England states, versus 159, 166 and 165 cases per million for children in the South, Midwest and West.

That’s troubling news for Maine parents and their children. If there’s a silver lining to this dark cloud it’s twofold: First, now we know. We can ask our doctors to check more closely for signs and symptoms of childhood cancers. Second, we have access to top-notch pediatric cancer centers here in the northeast.

If you have more questions about this study, log on to the government’s website at:

Alison Wholey Briggs Mynick, RN, Esq. , June 4, 2008

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