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Hiding Abuse of Maine Nursing Home Residents

You feel terrible.  You feel beyond terrible. You just found out that your parent or grandparent has been neglected, injured, abused, killed in a Maine nursing home.  It happens.  You can take action, right?  Not so fast.  The outgoing adminstration of George Bush quietly inserted language into federal law that pretends that all those nice Maine people who regulate Maine nursing homes are (even though they are not) federal employees who can’t be forced to tell the truth about what they find out about Maine nursing home safety.  Keith Olbermann blasted the law at the end of a recent MSN “Countdown”  piece.   Think it’s outrageous to silence Maine nursing regulators?  So do we. But it isn’t going to stop Briggs & Wholey from prosecuting cases of nursing home negligence.    If your loved one was injured or died from negligent care at a Maine nursing home, call an attorney who specializes in nursing home litigation.  And write to your U.S. Senator (Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins)  to allow State of Maine employees to tell the truth about what they find at Maine nursing homes.

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