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Head Injuries Force University of Maine Athlete to the Sidelines

1392148_basketball sxchu username ColinBroug.jpgFormer University of Maine women’s basketball player Samantha Wheeler was reportedly forced to stop playing after two concussions left her on the sidelines. The 23-year-old woman said she suffered a season-ending concussion during her junior year when she hit her head on a wall during practice. The following year, the star player purportedly suffered yet another head injury during a game early on in the season. Wheeler, who now serves as Director of Basketball Operations at the school, also allegedly suffered two additional concussions since she stopped playing. One was reportedly happened when a basketball unexpectedly struck her during a team practice. The other purportedly occurred when the University of Maine women’s basketball team was involved in a bus crash in early March.

According to Wheeler, she is now physically limited as a result of the concussions she suffered. She claims most physical activity leaves her with severe and debilitating headaches. Coach Richard Barron stated Wheeler’s decision to stop playing basketball was necessary in order to avoid a more severe brain injury.

A brain may be injured while playing sports or in an unexpected accident. Although such an injury can result in a mild concussion, many brain injuries cause serious and life-threatening trauma. A concussion or other head injury may limit a victim’s daily activities, cause permanent disability, or even result in death. A concussion occurs when a trauma to the head causes the brain to move inside of the skull. Any head trauma has the potential to result in a concussion. Although it is unclear whether or not Wheeler plans to pursue any legal action, if you sustained a concussion as a result of negligence, filing a claim for compensation may be an appropriate measure to take to obtain compensation for your injury.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of a concussion are not always readily apparent. In many cases, the victim of a concussion or other head trauma may suffer from a lifelong and debilitating injury even if he or she does not lose consciousness. A brain injury victim may suffer headaches, mood swings, memory difficulties, vision problems, and a number of other symptoms. If you suffered a concussion or other traumatic brain injury through no fault of your own, you should contact a qualified Maine personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able.

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