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Childhood Ear Infections and Cholesteatoma

Cholesteatoma can be fatal. It can cause deafness.  And it can arise from something as typical as a childhood ear infection.

What is a Cholesteatoma?

Cholesteatomas are destructive lesions inside the skull that can wear away tissue and bone inside the skull.  If left untreated, a brain abscess or meningitis may take the life of a child.  Some children are born with a cholesteatoma that formed inside the skull during the pregnancy.  But cholesteatomas can form a direct result of a perforated or “burst” eardrum from an ear infection.  Sometimes, a child who has been treated for ear infection with the insertion of “ear tubes” may develop a cholesteatoma.   One sign of cholesteatoma is painless drainage of fluid from the ear. Hearing loss is another symptom of cholesteatoma, and may be accompanied by dizziness.  Frequently, the only sign a doctor will be able to see is an ear canal filled with a pus-like material.

If your child has been injured by  failure to diagnose a cholesteatoma, you may wish to call an attorney  with experience litigating such a case.  You may wish to call Briggs & Wholey.

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