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Published on:, Mikhail Mishchenko.jpgWhat’s the difference between a “heart attack” and sudden “cardiac arrest”? Did you know that your heart runs on electricity? And why does that fact matter anyway, to someone whose loved one died while receiving GranuFlo, or shortly thereafter?

Cardiac arrest is a stoppage of the pumping action of the heart. In a sense, everyone dies from cardiac arrest. However, not everyone has a cardiac arrest from a “heart attack” caused by the blockage of a blood vessel to the heart. Other causes of cardiac arrest may include intense physical activity, major blood loss, severe lack of oxygen and electrical changes in the heart from electrolyte imbalances.

Yes, everyone’s heart runs on electricity. The tiny electric charge that makes the heart beat–each and every beat–is from electricity from “electrolytes” the chemicals Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium circulating in the blood in all of us. These chemicals are “The Big Four”. If they are not in the blood in the right balance, the electrical impulse that triggers each beat of the heart can go haywire and then stop. Cardiac arrest.

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