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Arthritis After the Car Accident in Maine

Slugger the SeadogWe love the outdoors. We get through the Maine winter, tell ourselves its spring on Opening Day for the Seadogs–no matter what the temperature is–and stay outside as much as we can until the summer is over and we start to gear up for winter again.

Being healthy is especially important for enjoying the Maine outdoors.  If you’ve hurt your knee, shoulder or your back in a car accident in Maine, arthritis that develops after the injury can ruin summer fun for decades.  Ifyou’re a car accident victim in your thirties,  did your lawyer discuss with you that one very real problem isn’t going to “blossom” until much later?

Osteoarthritis can follow  injury to a joint. For example, a young person might hurt his knee badly playing soccer. Or someone might fall or be injured in a car accident. Then, years after the individual’s knee has apparently healed, he might get arthritis in his knee joint.

Is it fair that a negligent driver can change you from the sixty- five year old Mainer  who easly lifts a five year old grandchild  to get a better view of Slugger the Seadog, into a stay- at -home, stay-inside grandparent missing out on all the fun your grandchild wants you to enjoy together?

Life doesn’t end with a get-this-over-quickly settlement check. Make sure your Maine lawyer knows enough about joint damage from car accidents  to counsel and protect your future interests.  You deserve the best medical and legal outcome available.

Alison Wholey BriggsMynick, RN, Esq.
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