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A Day on the Water Can End in Disaster if Involved in a Boating Accident

1397629_sail_boat_and_mountain.jpgABOUT RECREATIONAL BOATING ACCIDENTS The U.S. Coast Guard reports that there were:
Approximately 4604 recreational boating accidents 672 deaths 3153 Injuries in 2010 Source: 2010 U.S. Coast Guard Executive Summary Report
For many, the act boating provides hours of outdoor entertainment during the summer months. Boating enthusiasts take to the water on every type of watercraft and engage in such activities as sailing, fishing, water or jet skiing, and tubing, which supply hours of outdoor entertainment and recreation. Regrettably, this enjoyment turns to tragedy each year for thousands of boaters involved in boating accidents. In 2010, the United States Coast Guard reported approximately 4,604 recreational boating accidents, resulting in 672 deaths and 3,153 injuries. These accidents caused an estimated $35.5 million dollars in personal property damage and untold costs in terms of personal harm.

Our state, known for its natural beauty and exceptional waters, attracts serious sailors and novice recreational boaters alike. Maine, dubbed “Vacationland” offers approximately 5,500 miles of coastline, 2000 coastal islands, and 2,500 lakes and ponds to explore.

The majority of boating accidents occur as the result of a boat operator’s inexperience, recklessness, or inattention. According to the US Coast Guard, the top 10 causes of boating accidents are:

• Operator Inattention 
• Improper Lookout 
• Operator Inexperience 
• Excessive Speed

• Alcohol Use • Force of Wave/Wake 
• Hazardous Waters 
• Machinery Failure 
• Rules of the Waterway

• Weather
If you have been injured in a sailboat accident, motorboat accident, personal watercraft accident, or any other transportation or commercial boating accident, in the state of Maine, you are entitled to financial compensation from the negligent parties responsible for your physical, emotional and financial harm.

Furthermore, if you have lost a loved one, as a result of such an accident, you can protect your family’s financial future by pursuing a wrongful death claim. To discuss the compensation for which you as an injured victim or surviving dependent may be eligible, contact our experienced Maine boat accident attorneys at Briggs & Wholey, LLC. We are committed to aggressively pursuing the interests of all victims in personal injury and wrongful death cases and possess a proven track record of success! Please feel free to call us for a free consultation at (888) 596-1099, or complete the “contact form” on our website.

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