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Attorney ProfilesAlison Wholey Briggs

Alison Wholey Briggs began practicing in Maine in 2004, after working for 12 years in personal injury law firms in New Jersey. Alison has participated in multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of patients and their families, drawing on her past experience as a Registered Nurse. Her experience gives Briggs & Wholey's clients the advantage in the research and skill necessary to prove the seriousness of their injuries from car accidents, medical malpractice and other personal injury negligence cases. Read More >>

video It is with great sadness that we announce the recent passing of our law firm’s founder, C. Donald Briggs, III.

The entire staff at Briggs and Wholey, LLC would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our clients, colleagues and friends for the outpouring of condolences and recognition of Don’s many contributions to the legal profession and the community.

Don believed that everyone in America should be able to bring a legitimate legal dispute out into the open. He was proud to be a trial lawyer. In particular, Don Briggs pushed to make it possible for those who are injured through no fault of their own to be compensated fully and fairly, here in Maine and across the country.

As we move forward, the law firm’s dedication and commitment to excellent results for our clients continue, unchanged.

Margaret E. Machaiek

We are pleased to welcome Associate Attorney, Margaret E. Machaiek, Esq. to the firm.

Donald Briggs C. Donald Briggs, III Feb. 7, 1954 - Sept. 7, 2014 Your dedication and hard work continue...